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ASTEK Technology Ltd.-was established in 1988 starting with electroonic controls of home appliances and fitness equipment as an professional OEM/ODM manufacturer in the fields. We are also forerunner of designing and manufacturing in the PWM DC motor control in Taiwan.

We have continuing innovated electronic control system into smart home applilnaces and equipment,health care and beauty care products to meet people demand of personal care series in daily basis.

With our strong RD team,we are your best (OEM) manufacuturer in your supply chain. You could rely on us as a long term partner.



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Pursue prominence

2015 Our products earned Yu-Shan Award (Best product) in Taiwan in Aug.
2015 Our factory in China earned permitted factory to produce medical equipment in China
2012Our health care products approved by SFDA certificates in China market
2009 We earned GMP approved factory in Taiwan
2004 Our company established new factory, took several patents of the products and expand the range of business.
2003 ASTEK established the second factory in China to expand business. Staff numbers reached to 1280
2002 ASTEK in Taiwan was approved of ISO 9001 certification. ERP system operates formally and strictly controls Taiwan and China both.
2001 Our factory in China was approved of ISO9002 certification to perform 5S and promote quality. Staff numbers reached to 600.
1997 The EMI laboratory was established in 1997 for testing the interference elements in Harmonics, Conductions, radiation and power-source variation so as to search the countermeasures. The products are able to match completely with CE certification request after EMI laboratory establishing to provide customers with more service.
1996 ASTEK was establishes in Mainland China and began the production in 1996. Staff numbers are 300 people.
1994 The EMS laboratory was established in 1994 for testing the tolerance of the noise, surge, static and power-source variation for our products that will enable increases in customers’ reliability.


Brand Story - " LifeWell "

The inspiration of "LifeWell" came from LOHAS (Lifestyle of health and sustainability) Culture in America and Europe: The concept of self-health care, Home care and physical therapy concept of preventive medicine.

In modern time, people usually have irregular diet and suffer by many chronic issues like insomnia, habitual headache, constipation, body pains and so on problems which cause by environment contamination, life pressure or pressure from study and overloaded works. To balance body ions, to improve immune system to keep healthy as well as to synthesize western and eastern medical science that inspired our brand "LifeWell" as a Wellness Specialist and the Master of Preventive Medicine.

Imprint of "LifeWell" is "healthy technology and beauty life" that covers everything we are pursuing in our life.